The PONY Branch provides its members and guests with monthly illustrated programs in midtown Manhattan, activities such as ship visits, harbor trips, ocean-going cruises at group rates and the annual ocean liner bazaar.

Our website aims to be the premier resource regarding Port of New York passenger shipping, current port news, events that celebrate its history, what to see along the waterfront and how to explore our great harbor.

A special feature is the annual schedule of the port's cruise ship arrivals and departures at the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Bayonne terminals.

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On Friday, June 22, 2018, join fellow PONY Branch members and guests for a screening of "The Superliners: Twilight of an Era," which documents a 1979 westbound crossing in the QE2, and examines, through archival footage, the role that the ocean liner has played as the "Atlantic Ferry." Superliners such as the NORMANDIE, QUEEN MARY and QUEEN ELIZABETH are featured. The evening will conclude with a discussion about the screening and recent developments with QE2's restoration and its opening as a floating hotel in 2018. See Meetings & Activities for details. (Photo credit: Patrick Dacey)